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We just returned home from Italy, and boy are my feet tired. My god, those cobblestone streets are merciless. I worked out a ton prior to this trip in hopes that I would be in good enough shape to not feel the wrath of the endless steps on the Amalfi coast or the ancient, uneven streets of Rome. Turns out, there is no possible way to train for walking miles on rough terrain other than simply doing it every day. Guess I'll just have to move there.  

The shin splints and sore calves are all worth it. I certainly haven't been to every country on the planet, but I'm not sure there's another that could possibly move me in the way that Italy does. Maybe because it's in my blood, but I don't think you have to be Italian to be captivated by Italian culture.  The food, the language, the art, the history, the people, the beauty, the vibes... it can't be expressed through words, pictures, or even video. You just have to go and experience it for yourself. You have to feel it. 

I can't help but reference my favorite episode of the Sopranos, where Paulie Walnuts goes to Italy for the first time. "This is a big thing for me, T," he says after being chastised for his enthusiasm about the food and experience. His excitement for being in the motherland is palpable (and hysterical) throughout the whole episode, and for me - a Jersey-bred Italian - incredibly relatable. Paulie Walnuts Goes to Italy (skip to 1:40).

YouTube video

I have some strong opinions about the places we visited that I'd like to share if you're willing to listen. Leave a comment and let me know if you'd like to see a full trip recap like this one: Cinque Terre, Italy. 

(Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.)

Currently Thinking About:

  • I came home to many surprises in the garden - beautiful blooming flowers, tons of ripe, spicy chillies and baby eggplants, yet not a single tomato (despite the plants being big and green), and found my kale completely destroyed by cabbage worms. My garden was a bit of an afterthought this year, but I'm already thinking about next spring: What to Plant in October for a Spring Harvest. This is also a great reference for cleaning things up: Gardening To-Do List: October in the Garden
  • For all my locals, this Saturday, October 20th (tomorrow!) is the Brigantine Fall Farmer's Market from 9am-1pm at 15th and Revere. This will be the last market before next summer, so that's where you'll find me stocking up on as much fall produce as I can fit into my bags. 
  • I believe in growing your own food and supporting local farmers as much as possible, but as we move into the dark cold months of winter, I'm relying mostly on my grocery store. While I absolutely support the organic food movement, it's important to remember that it's a big business, and big business is often shady af: The Organic Industry is Lying to You. 
  • Brisk weather means it's the perfect time for getting out and taking a nice, healthy jog. Here are some tips for all my ladies out there:  How to Jog: A Guide for Women.
  • Jet-lagged and under the weather, I've been going to bed laughably early this week. Last night, I fell asleep before 8pm and awoke at 10:30 when Chaser came home from having a drink with a buddy. I was in the middle of an insanely realistic, horribly tragic dream in which 3 close family members died. I immediately started crying and had to tell myself over and over it was just a dream in order to calm down. I've always been an intense dreamer and have had some very profound and disturbing dreams in the past. I'm on a lifelong quest to understand what it all means: Why Do We Dream?
  • Hurricane Season has truly been no joke lately, with more storms and more destruction than ever, leaving no part of the eastern seaboard unscathed. My fried Danielle, based in Tampa, put together a seriously in-depth and well-thought-out post on how to prepare for a storm, should you ever find yourself in harm's way: Hurricane Lists.
  • The only real downside to our trip was that we both caught a cold. Chaser first, and then myself, who always seems to get it worse (really though, I'm just more of a baby). As we head into the dreaded "cold and flu season," here are some great tips for keeping sickness at bay: 30 Ways to Stay Healthy When Cold and Flu Season is Lurking. Also, I'm making a fresh batch of Garlic Honey and stocking up on Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D so I'm ready to fight the next tickle in my throat (which hopefully never happens).

Currently Watching...

  • This new mini series starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill is super weird in all the right ways. Can't recommend it enough: Maniac on Netflix.
  • If you haven't yet seen this rightfully crude animated series about puberty by comedians Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, you're in for a real treat: Big Mouth Season 2 on Netflix.
  • Absolutely cannot wait to see Bohemian Rhapsody, out next month:
YouTube video

Currently Listening To...

Currently Cooking...

  • Right now I'm craving vegetables and healthy food like crazy because 10 days of pizza, pasta, wine and cheese plates really does a number. I'm making a big pot of Minestrone and a Whole Roasted Chicken with Herbs, which will later get turned into a classic Chicken Pot Pie, because I can only be so healthy for so long. 
  • If you didn't just come off of an Italian food binge and are craving comfort food instead, might I suggest making this Lasagne Bolognese - inspired by our last trip to Italy - as a crazy delicious weekend project.
  • I'm already thinking about Thanksgiving, and Deb Perelman is here with some tips for making an Even More Perfect Apple Pie. Better than my Grandma's? We'll see about that. 
  • Joy the Baker made Cacio e Pepe Beignets, so thank you, we can all die happy now. 

Thanks, as always, for being here.
xo, Coley

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  1. Thanks for linking my hurricane guide! Hope no one needs it.
    That jogging article! Ha. I opened it thinking, "should I try that again?" and it said exactly what I wanted to hear.
    I loved following your trip on Instagram and would love to hear all the strong opinions. Bring it!