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Oh, hey there! How's life? How's the weather?

Yesterday I bought a 3 lb bag of little baby blood oranges at the produce market for $3, and considering they usually cost a buck a piece, it was quite the deal. I'm thinking about all the lovely ruby-toned things I can make with them, but for some reason I keep coming back to the idea of a cocktail. Stay tuned.

The month of February has been a blur. In this past week alone, I booked a trip to Greece, drove 3 hours in a snow storm, cooked paella with Iron Chef Jose Garces for an upcoming episode of The Chef's Kitchen, spent a night in Philly with my friends and had way too much fun, cleaned up an unacceptable amount of dog vomit, ate tacos at the infamous South Philly Barbacoa and cooked some very good and some very not good things in my kitchen. 

And I'm not even that tired. 😉

If you've been following along with my Rosacea chronicles, I'm thrilled to tell you about my recent revelation, a laser-like procedure called IPL. It stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and a few weeks ago I had it done on my face in an attempt to lessen the redness. It hurt like hell, and my face was awkwardly swollen and redder than usual for a week, but after about 10 days it suddenly cleared and looked better than it had in years. I was even able to eat a little gluten (after the aforementioned night out in Philly) without reacting horribly, and for me, this was a VERY big deal.

Here are all the currentlies I'm currenting on. If you need me, I'll be sipping a blood orange cocktail and researching which Greek islands to visit. If you have any recs, I'm all ears. 

Currently Thinking About...

Currently Listening To...

Currently Watching...

  • There's a new season of the irreverent documentary-spoofing comedy by Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, and if it's even half as funny and weird as the first season, I am HERE FOR IT. Documentary Now. (Netflix)
  • I wasn't sure what to think from the first episode, but a few more in and I'm hooked. Also, I just learned the show's star Natasha Lyonne is dating Fred Armisen, so including them both here just felt right. Russian Doll. (Netflix) 

Currently Cooking...

  • I've long been obsessed with this chocolate chip cookie recipe, and I recently made it twice with this Cup4Cup gluten free flour blend (affiliate link). It came out quite good, but I'm working on a few tweaks to make it perfect. Pan Banging Chocolate Chip Cookies. (The Vanilla Bean Blog)
  • Have you ever tried this Brazilian cheesy bread made with tapioca flour? It's really damn delicious, naturally gluten free and on my list of things to make this week. Pao de Queijo. (America's Test Kitchen)
  • I've had my eye on this roasted chicken recipe from Mindy Fox for a year now, and tonight's the night I finally make it happen. I'm already salivating. Peruvian-Style Roast Chicken with Tangy Green Sauce and Avocado Cucumber Salad. (Epicurious)
  • I make this crazy-easy, stupid-delicious side dish at least once a week. I need to reshoot the photos because it's just too good and the current picture simply does not do it justice. Parmesan Spinach. (Coley Cooks)
  • It's almost that time of year when I acknowledge the fact that I'm 50% Irish and also when I try to see how many of these cinnamon covered coconut + cream cheese candies I can stuff into my mouth at once. Irish Potato Candies. (

Only a few more weeks 'till we spring forward! Thanks for sticking around.

xo Coley

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  1. Can't wait to see you making paella on The Chef's Kitchen. How cool?
    That sunscreen article is something I've always suspected. I'm a lost cause anyway. Also would love to try IPL myself.
    So no breakfast at all??? I'm with Chaser. I might die.
    Looking forward to more Documentary Now and I so hope there's a new season of Barry because Bill Hader is so damn funny.

    Thanks for the good reading!

    1. I was really skeptical about IPL but I'm totally sold on it now. Hot damn it was painful though (I'm also a wimp).
      As for breakfast, I love breakfast foods, I'm just usually not interested in eating them until several hours after I've woken up.
      I still haven't seen Barry but it's on my list!!