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Hey! Hello. Last month I predicted a lovely spring and I'm thrilled to say so far we've been having a heck of a time. The blossoms are blooming and even though the pollen is keeping a persistent itch in my throat I wouldn't have it any other way. How are you? How were your holidays? I hope life feels energetic and full.

Things have been extra busy here as we prepare to reopen Soulberri for our 3rd season this weekend! I've been posting a little less here lately as reopening a seasonal business can be a bit of a time suck, but once we settle into our groove I'll be back at it with plenty of new and exciting recipes. 

Here you'll find everything I've been into and this April. I'm opening myself up and sharing more in attempt at being vulnerable, a recent quest I've embarked on thanks to the compelling words of Brené Brown (more on that below). These posts are intended to share things about me and my personal interests outside of cooking (although there will always be plenty of food-related content), but I'm constantly overthinking how personal is too personal.

I want know: Do you even care about any of this? Do you find it interesting or helpful at all? As I delve into learning about vulnerability and my own relationship with it, I'm becoming inspired to talk more honestly about some of my own personal struggles in hope that it can help someone... which will in turn hopefully help me. Your feedback is encouraged and always appreciated!

Onto this months offerings:

Currently Buzzing About...

  • April is Rosacea Awareness Month, so allow me to introduce you to Lex, a London-based Beauty blogger on a mission to make sure you are very much aware. I started following her on Instagram and have not only learned a ton, but have also been inspired to be more open about my own struggles with Rosacea. It's been a journey since January - changing my diet, going for painful IPL treatments (they work) and trying to understand the underlying cause, which I believe to be stemming from inflammation. She started the #Rosaceanofilter campaign as a way to show what this condition really looks like, and while I'm totally loving it, I'm still too scared to share my own makeup-free selfie online. Maybe next April. Talonted Lex: London Beauty Blogger, Kicking Rosacea's Butt, Skincare + Nail Obsessed. 
  • I've long suffered from depression and anxiety, but it's really ramped up over the past few years. There, I said it. It's something I've felt compelled to admit publicly for a long time, but I still feel a lot of shame in it, which inevitably just feeds the disease. I'm telling you about it because I'm truly sick of feeling this way and I'm on a mission to change. I altered my diet out of sheer vanity (see above), but I'm coming to realize the changes have a positive affect on more than just my skin. It's not a complete fix, but even science agrees that eating right leads to better emotional and mental health: Can What We Eat Affect How We Feel? (The New York Times)
  • When you're desperate to feel better, you'll try anything. Medically induced comas to fix my brain? Sure, why not: Dying to Beat Depression: How 10 Induced Comas Saved a Blogger's Life. (The Guardian)
  • There is a lot of propaganda surrounding organic food. It's a complicated issue that has unfortunately allowed big corporations to take advantage of the public's limited knowledge and use fear mongering to make massive profit. I'm not anti-organic by any means - I think it's a great idea to avoid chemicals and pesticides if you can - but just because something is labeled organic does not necessarily make it better for you, and just because it's not labeled organic does not necessarily make it bad: A Nutritionist on Why She Doesn't Always Buy Organic. (Bon Appetit)
  • We ALWAYS travel carry-on only and I've become a master at packing an insane amount of stuff into a tiny little suitcase, but we booked a budget airline (Norwegian) for our trip to Greece this summer and I just found out they have a strict carry-on allowance and actually weigh your bags at the gate! Taking a poll: Should I cave and check my bag to be safe, or risk it and just do what this woman did? Woman Wears 9 lbs of Clothing to Avoid $85 Overweight Baggage Fee. (People)
  • I JUST got the hang of making my Instagram feed look pretty and now you're telling me it's not cool anymore? Good grief: The Instagram Aesthetic is Over. (The Atlantic)
  • Just a gentle reminder that my cook book is OUT! I'm so grateful for everyone that bought copies, gifted a copies, posted pictures of their creations or just reached out to say congrats! It's such a cool feeling to be a published author and having your support is everything. 🙂 The Art of the Smoothie Bowl. (ColeyCooks)

Currently Listening To...

I've decided to start making Spotify playlists rather than just linking to a few songs or albums I'm into. Music is - and has always been - a huge part of my life and making mix tapes and CD's used to be one of my favorite hobbies.

Over the past several years I've gotten away from my love of music for various reasons (COUGH podcasts), but I'm realizing how much of an impact music has on my mental and emotional wellbeing. Creating this April playlist gave me an immense amount of joy and I can't stop thinking about what will go on the next one. 

My taste in music is as seasonal as my taste in food. It hovers mostly in the rock realm with a strong indie vibe and a good mix of old and new. You'll also find a little bit of mellow hip hop, reggae, soulful R&B and some fun, poppy tunes thrown in for good measure. What you won't find are commercial top-40 hits, modern day pop, rap or country (unless it's indie, old school or just exceptionally awesome).

Throw this mix on the next time you're in the car, cooking dinner or hanging with friends. I hope you love listening to it as much as I loved making it! Follow me on Spotify @ColeyCooks.

Currently Watching...

  • Wanna know what I'm not watching? Game of freaking Thrones. I have no interest in watching, but I feel so out of the loop since it's all anyone talks about! Not to mention, nearly every meme I see goes over my head. Cue the tiny violin.
  • Brené Brown, beloved author, Ted Talker and expert in shame and vulnerability, came out with a Netflix special where she talks about just that. I watched, it resonated, and then I immediately bought her book, which is inspiring most of the scary self work I'm doing right now: The Call to Courage. (Netflix)
  • The story of a creep told from the creep's perspective. It's a unique take on a thriller with an expected storyline told in an unexpected way. I liked it very much. YOU. (Netflix)

Currently Cooking...

  • I always get on a Mexican food kick this time of year because every Gringo's favorite holiday is lurking right around the corner! I've got a killer enchilada recipe coming your way VERY soon, but until then sink your teeth into this oldie but goodie: Enchiladas Suizas. (Coley Cooks)
  • This is such a fun and tasty recipe that's perfect for a party! I'll be trying it out with corn tortillas in the very near future. Fingers crossed. 🤞🏼 Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a TACO CAKE! (Coley Cooks).
  • I've been making my Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes (Coley Cooks) non stop, but I've been getting pretty tired of standing over the stove and flipping flapjacks. Who has time for that? This weekend I switched it up and made these Easy Gluten Free Oat Waffles instead and it was a nice change of pace. (Cooke + Kate).
  • I'm planning to do a makeover of this embarrassingly old post since it's a recipe I still make very often! I've tweaked it a bit since posting in 2015 and actually let it sit out and ferment on the counter now. Stay tuned for a refreshed post with updated recipe and photos, but if you want an AWESOME homemade hot sauce for your tacos in the meantime, look no further: Green Hot Sauce. (Coley Cooks)
  • I'm getting very excited for ICE CREAM SEASON, so let's revisit this also-very-old-and-needs-a-refresh-but-is-still-awesome recipe for Philadelphia Style Lemon Ice Cream! (Coley Cooks)

I hope this post gave you something useful or at the very least entertaining. It brings me so much joy to share my thoughts, struggles and interests with you here and I thank you, as always, for reading.

<3 Coley

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  1. First off, that photo of Phoebe is the sweetest thing.
    I'm with you on never checking a bag but you'll be sad when you realize you have on the same outfit in all your trip photos. Check.
    I'm packing your cookbook along with my Vitamix for a family trip this weekend. Stopping for fruit in Miami. It's on.
    Ah, Brené Brown. I'll give it another go thanks to you, but I haven't finished her books or the Netflix special. It's the anecdotes and the redundancy. Maybe I'm not ready to face my vulnerability. ?
    Beautiful April playlist!
    Good luck opening Soulberri. Love these updates and hope they continue!

    1. I was riding the Brene Brown train hard for a good week, now I'm kinda over it, haha. I find that stuff inspiring to a point, then I'm like OK I GET IT, ENOUGH ALREADY. I'm only a few chapters into the book and I'm not exactly dying to pick it back up, but it definitely made me think more critically about some of the shit I continue to carry around with me.

      As for wearing the same outfit in all your pictures - that's where accessories come in! 😉

  2. Coley, I love your posts! I share your struggle with depression and anxiety (why must they bundle together?). There are many days when life just seems overwhelming. And in the dead of night when sleep eludes me, my thoughts turn super dark. Thanks for sharing. It brightens my day. P.S. Phil says you’re not depressed, you’re just married to Chaser. ( Now you see while I’m struggling).

    1. Thanks Hanya! Means a lot to hear that. Life can feel SUPER overwhelming sometimes, and then I feel guilty about feeling that way because I know I live a pretty great life. You know there's something else at work when you can recognize that life is good, but still feel so low. It's good to know you understand and I'm glad this post brightened your day! Let's have a drink soon - because that's surely great for depression. <3