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Currently is a monthly post that highlights all the things I’m into right now. 

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Welcome to my 5th Installment of Currently! I hope your new year has been off to a warm and productive start.

The above picture is my addition to the #10yearchallenge that took over social media this past month. It's my first headshot from 10 years ago next to my most recent one from a few months back. My biggest takeaway is the fact that 10 years ago I needed a professional to take my picture, but now I possess the skills to do it myself. I also haven't lost my penchant for bold neck accessories. 

The challenge inspired me to dig through tons of old photos that I haven't looked at in a very long time and they brought up so many visceral emotions. It's crazy how fast time goes by, how much we change and how much we manage to forget. 

My January has been focused on learning. Every day I've challenged myself to actively learn something new; about myself, about my interactions in the world and about the world itself. I've been having lots of revelations. I learned that my face breaks out in an itchy red rash and my joints hurt whenever I eat gluten. 😭 I also learned that loofahs are made from gourds, not sea creatures. 🤯 I'm continuing to learn more about my very complicated relationship with honesty and how it weaves into my life both positively and negatively. 🤔 

What have you learned lately? How have you grown in the last 10 years? 5 years? This past month? These questions are important. 

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  • Back on a Dirty Projectors kick: Swing Lo Magellan (Youtube) 
  • The soundtrack to my winter: A classic from from 2008 before the Swedish sisters made a name for themselves. First Aid Kit covers Fleet Foxes' Tiger Mountain Peasant Song. (Youtube)
  • Russel Brand interviews Tony Robbins on his podcast, and I very much enjoyed it. Under the Skin with Russel Brand #56: Meeting A Mentor (with Tony Robbins). (

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I hope you learned something from this post, but if nothing else, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thanks for being here. <3

Stay warm and cozy,

xo Coley

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  1. So many great links!
    I've been too chicken to hit play yet on Ted Bundy tapes. You think you could spot most of the serial killers with their creepy dead eyes, but with him, nope. One day I'll tell you my favorite murder.
    I need to make that green curry paste! Glad you're testing out some gluten-free bread. Haven't had any luck with it myself. I'll wait for your recipe.

    1. The Bundy tapes are definitely very disturbing but not as nightmare-y as I thought they would be. That said, how dare you tease me about your favorite murder like that in a blog comment. I need details, now!

  2. I needed this cashew milk recipe recommendation. I'm tired of the coconut milk I've been buying at the supermarket because it's too sweet. Thanks!