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Here we are, friends. Summer! We're in it.

I hope you're finding coolness and peace amidst the chaotic heat of July. 

I had a "lash lift" last week - aka I permed my eyelashes - and it has me looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed. It's a mood. And it should last for 8-10 weeks, respectively. 

We leave for Greece in just a few days and I can't really express the level of happiness / excitement I'm feeling over the whole trip, but also not without my fair share of anxiety because my body doesn't know how to behave any differently. We're working on it. It's a process.

Going on a long trip abroad smack dab in the middle of summer is an entirely new experience for me. We always travel in the off-season, being that we live in a resort town and try our best to make the most of it during peak season. I'm welcoming the experience with open arms and a few nerves about leaving Soulberri during the busiest time of the summer. We'll survive, I'm certain. 

I know this post is coming to you a few days later than usual, but hey, that's life. I hope you find something of value in the links below, and have a wonderfully patriotic, long, lazy weekend.

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This month's playlist is cool and mellow, perfect for listening to while gazing out at the water or sitting around a bonfire. It's made up of slowed down indie pop, some interesting cover songs and a little old school nostalgia for lots of dreamy, hazy, floaty vibes. Dig it.

Currently Watching...

  • We haven't been watching a whole lot of TV lately, so other than reruns of The Office and Seinfeld, I don't really have anything to recommend this month. That said, I'm looking for a good book to get lost in this summer and would love your suggestions! Please let me know in the comments if you have anything worth recommending. 

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Be well and Happy 4th of July!

<3 Coley

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