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The holidays are upon us! There's no turning back now.

I'm entering this season with a new clothing rental subscription, a set of orange plaid dinner napkins that double as a scarf for my dog and tons of gratitude in my heart. How about you? 

The holidays can be a real mixed bag of emotions and a stark reminder of how real life is. I have high hopes that your season goes off without a hitch or a hangover. 

I hope the next month is filled with ease, cheer and only the good kind of nostalgia. I hope you laugh until you cry with people you love and maybe don't see very often. I hope your shoes are as comfortable as they are cute. I hope you don't discuss politics at the dinner table, but if you do, do it with an open heart and an open mind. I hope you get enough fiber and at least some exercise in. I hope you carry love into everything you do, especially your cooking. People can taste it and you know it. I hope you get some sleep.

Here's what I'm thinking about this month:

Currently Buzzing About...

  • Venice is the most majestic and mysterious city I've ever visited. The flooding is so heartbreaking, I don't know what else to say about it other than maybe I should go back ASAP: Staggering Photos of the Flooding in Venice. (The Cut)
  • The brand Thinx created a commercial that depicts what it would look like if men got their periods. It's funny. It's poignant. It's absolutely brilliant. And so, of course, it's also controversial af: CBS Bans TV Ad that Depicts Menstruating Men. (NY Post)
  • David Sedaris' words hold a special place in my heart and this piece about the ebb and flow of long-term love hits especially hard. A great Thanksgiving morning read: Hurricane Season. (The New Yorker)
  • The new Netflix documentary, Game Changers, has everyone running to hop on the plant-based bandwagon, but earlier this year I noticed the opposite trend happening among food influencers. Where is the truth? Probably somewhere in the middle: When Vegan Influencers Quit Being Vegan. (Munchies)
  • Every new year after the holiday dust settles, Mr. Gaffney and I embark on a mission to purge the house of excess stuff. In reality, we should just stop acquiring so much stuff in the first place. Let's start with the holidays: How to Give Experiences Instead of Gifts. (WellnessMama)
  • Flea, beloved bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, wrote us a memoir about his wild, trippy life: Acid For the Children. (Amazon Affiliate Link)
  • Will Ferrel hosted SNL last weekend and brought us a new trend in men's fashion that I am really, truly living for: Jeans Commercial. (YouTube)

Currently Listening To...

This month's playlist is for Thanksgiving (duh)! It's a typical Coley mix of indie and oldies made specifically with a varied crowd in mind. I like to think it has a little something for everyone - even a little Mot the Hoople for you, Dad! There's a whole 5 hours of music cued up and ready to go. You have enough on your turkey to-do list - let me handle the tunes!

Currently Watching...

  • I'm late to the game once again, but like, omg, have you guys seen Fleabag?! (Amazon)
  • Tell me you're as excited as I am to curl up on the couch this weekend and watch Scorsese's latest mob flick? Hopefully with a turkey sandwich in hand: The Irishman. (Netflix) 

Currently Cooking...

Did I mention I'm grateful for you??  Happy Thanksgiving!!

<3 Coley


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  1. Reading this as I bake your cinnamon raisin bread to bring to Thanksgiving. Thanks for another post and we will check out your playlist in lieu of Alice's Restaurant. Enjoy your feast with the family- we will miss you guys.

  2. Another great Currently. Thanks for a playlist for today's road trip. I could hear David Sedaris' voice reading that story. Loved it and might have to share it.
    Thanks for all the great food and inspiration. Happy Thanksgiving, Coley!

  3. Hey Cole!

    Joe Rogan’s podcast #1389 Chris Kresser debunks “The Gamechangers”. Very interesting.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Love ya!

    1. I just finished listening - finally. It was long! I like Chris Kresser because he's focused on the science and facts, although it was admittedly biased on their part. Nutrition is fascinating and I don't think it's one size fits all. <3