If you ask any Italian, they'll tell you that Sicilian recipes are in a category of there own, and that Sicily is its own country.

From the food, to the language to the people themselves, Sicily has a culture all its own. My family emigrated to the US from Sicily in the early 1900's to work as fishermen, mainly for tuna.

This is my collection of authentic Sicilian recipes, recipes from my Sicilian family and recipes inspired by my time traveling in Sicily.

Featured Recipe

Spiedini Alla Siciliana

This recipe for Spiedini alla Siciliana or Sicilian Spiedini is an old family recipe that is great for parties and always a crowd pleaser! This is the recipe I made on the Today Show!

Spiedini Alla Siciliana
Sicilian Spiedini - Beef and stuffed tomatoes in a casserole dish.